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Wood-effect tiles have become one of the best-selling options today. Thanks to current technology, they offer a wide range of shapes and uses. Their finish creates a realistic wood appearance, bringing unprecedented quality to decorated living rooms, homes, and spaces. These tiles come in various wood effects, including knotty, smooth, weathered, and even colored options. The top-selling colors are Bamboo, Oak, and Ash Gray, but there are also extraordinary and modern finishes available in other colors.

The great advantage of using wood-look porcelain tiles is their exceptional resistance and durability, eliminating the wear and continuous maintenance required for real wood surfaces.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of shades, including gray, dark brown, light brown, or olive. The range of colors allows for a closer resemblance to specific wood types such as pine, cedar, or other tree species.

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We must buy rectified tiles when we do not want to see the joins of the tiles.:

The choice of this type of flooring is very common because it provides a more visually appealing look by minimizing the visible tile joints. This creates a sense of spaciousness in the room. Additionally, It simplifies the cleaning process of the surfaces, as there are fewer grout lines to maintain.

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We must buy NOT-Rectified tiles when we do not want to see the joins of the tiles.

The choice of this type of flooring is becoming less common, and generally, they tend to have lower prices. However, there are still situations where people desire to achieve this particular finish.

Wood-like tiles

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing and using porcelain floor tiles is that they require no surface maintenance, unlike traditional wood. These tiles limit the proliferation of bacteria, withstand chemical attacks, and never require treatments or attract mites like traditional wood.

Moreover, thanks to the marvelous INKJET technology, we are blessed with an astonishing array of porcelain tiles that faithfully imitate the majestic beauty of wood. Within each design, you will discover a plethora of tile variations, each exuding the essence of authentic timber. This cutting-edge technology also allows for the infusion of exquisite colors, bestowing an unparalleled charm and a design aesthetic that is truly without equal.

Despite any initial misgivings about porcelain tiles being perceived as cold, rest assured that the latest advancements in glazing, pressing, and firing techniques have yielded finishes that effortlessly mimic the warmth and texture of genuine wood. The discerning eye will struggle to distinguish between porcelain tiles and their organic counterparts.

Not only are these magnificent tiles suitable for flooring, but they can also grace the walls, terraces, or even the verdant splendor of outdoor gardens, creating an enchanting rustic atmosphere that will surely captivate your heart. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for expert advice and guidance, as we are more than delighted to assist you with any queries you may have.

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