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Quality Control Test optimal carried out

Our team in India will control your order production completely (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). We are attaching a Quality Control Certificate from each order.  We will keep in our Indian warehouse some boxes from the same production is sending to you and we keep there as our “PATTERNS/MASTERS” to make sure that your next order will be exactly the same as the one you have received previously.

We export porcelain tiles to whole world.

Quality, luxury and design now in your house!

Control de calidad propio

Due to the importance of QUALITY for many of our customers, we have a company Highly specialized in carrying out the most exhaustive controls that can be carried out.

In India there are many factories that offer materials to Spanish factories, but not all of them can achieve the necessary quality to meet European requirements. That is why we have a great team that is responsible for selecting the best factory (we already have some reliable tiles factories for all the tiles you might request).



After receiving an order our team will select the most suitable factory to carry out the order with all the warranty. There will begin an arduous work aimed at giving the quality that our customers deserve:

After performing all the Quality Controls and we are 100% sure that our customer will be proud, a Quality certificate is generated for our customers.

We control from the pre-production of the tiles. When you select the designs you want to buy. Then we control whole production process and the till the last moment when tiles are ready to be loaded in the containers. and preparation of the merchandise in the containers to ensure that they do not break during transport.

We ensure that the cargo stuff complies with all legal requirements including fumigation and pest control to ensure that the merchandise will reach the buyer in optimal conditions

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01 Shade / Surface / Impression Control


02 Thickness / Size / Diagonal / Bending

     Water absorción / Braking resistance

03 04 Packaging / Pallets / Fumigation / Cargo Stuff

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